Research Profile

I take a broad interest in a wide range of psychological topics, but my key interests concern relationship functioning. I am fascinated  by the ways people protect and maintain valuable relationships in times of conflict.

During my PhD, I initiated research on children’s forgiveness. I have continued this line of work with Prof. Fincham (Florida State University), Dr. Karremans (Radboud University) and Prof. Cillessen (Radboud University) on a project called “Parental socialization of forgiveness”. As a side project, I conducted research on attentional processes in taste perception together with Dr. Van Dillen (Leiden University).

After my PhD, I transferred to Utrecht University, where I developed the following research lines:

  • I examine whether and how forgiveness helps children to cope with parental divorce in collaboration with Prof. Finkenauer (Utrecht University) and Villa Pinedo (online platform for children of divorced parents,
  • I examine when and why forgiveness benefits work outcomes in collaboration with my PhD-student Wenrui Cao and collaborator Prof. Taris (Utrecht University).
  • Together with Prof. Maio (Bath University) and Dr. Karremans (Radboud University), I examine the role of personal values in romantic relationship functioning.
  • Together with Prof. Derks (Utrecht University), I work on a research line exploring the interplay between gender roles, gender stereotypes, and romantic relationship functioning, in particular in the context of divorce.

My ambition is to gain a better understanding of how people can overcome hurtful interpersonal experiences, thereby unraveling the powerful dynamics of forgiveness.

Please contact me for my full CV.